Who am I

My Story

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal and live in the UK since 1985. After almost 3 decades in London, I made a move to  South Yorkshire not far from Peak District National Park which I visit frequently for long walks and get inspired by its beauty.

My artwork is mostly intuitive, my paintings are mainly imaginary portraits and abstract landscapes. In my work, I’m not trying to capture a truthful depiction of reality but compose images that evoke certain moods and feelings and achieve a different kind of relationship with each individual piece of art.

Starting with an empty canvas the imagery, passion, and emotion in each work come about spontaneously and unconsciously. I almost never plan my work because in the end my creations always become something quite different.

I work with various mediums but mostly with oils because the slow drying process allows me to mix and blend new colors with old ones, I also apply layer after layer to gradually build texture and compose the painting.

The interpretation and emotions of each individual image are left to the viewer’s personal taste.

My artwork is held in private and corporate collections worldwide. I welcome commissions from private, corporate, and public entities.